My tablet doesn't charge when connect to computer

(Ricardo Brandão) #1


I just received my tablet, and I notice that I cannot charge it when I connect to computer. Only by AC/DC adaptor.

I already looked for any pref on config app but no success.


Ricardo Brandão

(Steve Lee) #2

Charging a device depends on how much power it needs and how much your computers USB port can supply. If the Port is too weak it will never charge well. It might be a little better when your tablet is turned off? Try another port or computer?

(Kairo) #3

That’s the case with some Android tablets as well. And actually, they may get some charge from the computer but it may be too low to actually trigger displaying that. Standard USB only is allowed to send 500 mA but higher current might be needed/expected by the tablet to charge. Some computers do have a “power USB” port that allows higher (non-standard) current.

(Ricardo Brandão) #4


Thanks for your inputs.

It’s true, the charging is very slow but it’s charging.

But there isn’t an icon to show that is charging. The “charging icon” could be see when I charge it directly from charger.

(Kairo) #5

Yes, that’s the behavior that some other tablets have as well.

(A.Ben) #6

It does charge by USB but it’s slow ( it took me all night to get it full charged ) but the confusing thing is that the battery icon doesn’t indicate that it’s charging …

(Pavithran) #7

Tablets are massive power draining devices and all USB ports cant give the same voltage , my laptop especially could never charge a decent phone. I always use the mains socket which is more reliable for charging.

(Steve Lee) #8

I just spotted bug 911121 for this. Looks like it gets updated on device startup only.

(Steve Lee) #9

Now I have my tablet I see the supplied charger can provide 2 Amp. where as as normal no charging ports probably only supply 0.5 Amp. See Nuff said.

(Steve Lee) #10

UPDATE: now I have a high power charger and a USB Doctor meter I see my tablet is happily drawing 2.2A with the battery almost discharged

(Pavithran) #11

Atleast the 2.X version I built is showing when the charger is plugged in . I dont like the plain green colour , maybe a small animation on battery showing an action in progress is good idea.

When the tablet is in sleep mode , plugging in charger brings back the home lock screen. I was expecting something like a huge green charging thingy which I remember seeing when the device is turned off completely.

(Steve Lee) #12

I’m using the latest Stable build and I have a small lightning flash over the green battery symbol with the charger plugged in. Contrast ratio is poor though. When charger is unplugged the symbol goes white but I think green (or red or orange) without the lighntning flash would be better. I have seen red and orange, perhaps only when charging?

(Steve Lee) #13

I disabled both display timeout and lock screen and I only see the charger icon change colour and show the flash symbol.

(Cherlowe Reinard Ramirez) #14

Same here tested on Mac does not charged on all usb port and it does not display charger icon