Narrative - My Coaching Experience

(Jayesh Katta Ramalingaiah) #1


Here are my coaching experiences even before I join in Mozilla community.

I was a full stack dev. who believes in the freedom of code accessibility & reusability - The Internal Listening. This made me join Mozilla community and now I believe in what mozilla believes. My learnings from working with fellow contributors in various contribution areas are because of focus listening. My recent experiences in pieces of training and talks being a tech speaker align with global listening.

GROW - Model:
As a Rep/Contributor, we are most familiar with grow model as we always use this to organize events/meetup. In my observation, Grow model always happens to work with contributors and staff where we commit to learn and overcome the obstacles. We can measure the impact with the outcomes. Power of Questions - plays the major role to improve a healthy community/an individual.

Feedback always helps the individual to improve when taken on the positive side. Compliments and comments are very mutual and must be considered on the bright side always for a better impact.

Thanks for reading,
Jayesh Katta Ramalingaiah (: