Narrative on Coaching Training

I have been contributing to Mozilla since back to 2013 when I was part of a local hackerspace.
I have organized many events such as localizations, mozilla meetups and mozilla weekends, which were whole weekends dedicated only to the Mozilla community and its products.

These events were a good place and a good source for recruiting many new volunteers who would then become permanent contributors with assistance from me and others for their first steps into the community.
The key to being a successful coach based on my personal experience with the mentors I have had, is not to be able to provide all the answers and to have all the needed information for people around you but to be able to point others to the source of information and then it’s mostly up to them to solve the issue.

I find this is a good strategy also for developing critical thinking.
Meanwhile it’s a great opportunity to learn new things while you are looking for your answer.
I used this experience and lesson in my current job as well. I listen to what people want and what they want to reach and with explorative questions we figure out what would be the best way to achieve it.

In the materials I read I found the listening part very interesting and helpful. It’s crucial to know how to listen.
I have realized that in many cases we might just listen without paying much attention and not really think about what we hear. When we skip this important step it’s hard for us to give feedback because we don’t have the full picture, only some parts of it. Only this way we can see the full cycle of the whole scheme. If you miss one key point, you miss the whole of it.
Having said this, I would like to share my knowledge with others and make them feel welcome as others did with me.

Thank you,