New Logo

(Tom Farrow) #1

We currently have a Community IT logo, but, IT really doesn’t reflect us as a team and the logo would not possible be able to be adjusted.

We should have a Community Ops logo to help build the new brand.

If nobody has objections, I’m going to ask Elio, who is an absolutely incredible designer that’s done a lot of work for Mozilla community stuff, to come up with a new design and then feed it back to here for approval.


I did a logo design with WoMoz. To save him some trouble, I think we need
to make sure to get on the same page in terms of the concept. He should
definitely not put work into anything beyond a sketch before we’re sure we
like the idea.

The only idea I can come up with is to do something that parodies The IT
Crowd, I think that’s the only imagery we use consistently, why not embrace

(Tom Farrow) #3

Great thing about Elio is that you can throw words towards him, he’ll use the words that can make something great and ignore the rest.

I don’t think we should use an IT crowd as a serious logo. It makes the whole team look like a bit of a joke. I’ve no objection to it being as part of the branding, but as the main brand, no.

Here are the words that I’ve put forward to him in the preliminary before we get approval and he comes up with an idea.

  • Empower
  • The Cloud
  • Community
  • Mozilla
  • The cloud
  • Operations
  • Gears
  • Servers
  • The Cloud


Where do you envision this branding being used?

Many things could make the team look like a joke if not done well. There’s no reason that we couldn’t have something that looks good but also tweaks a fun reference that other people will enjoy.

You really shouldn’t have put words to him before talking to everyone else. It’s one thing to ask him if he’ll do it, but it’s another to start him off with your version of what you think it should look like.

However, that will mostly affect him, if he comes back with a design that is heavily influenced by your opinion, and we don’t like it, he’ll have to do another (or tell us he stands by the one he did and we’ll have to find another designer).

But back to the first question. Where exactly do we expect this logo to end up, besides on swag for us? We’re not much of a product. We have our websites and blogs that are pretty much internal to the Mozilla Community.

(Leo McArdle) #5

The wiki, GitHub and possibly Discourse (if we start adding logos to categories, which I’d been playing around with on staging).


If we keep using a status page, it would also go there

(Tom Farrow) #7

I specifically advised that he doesn’t use my brief to come up with anything and should wait for feedback for the rest of the team.

Swag, status websites, team wiki page, presentations/brownbags (we should do more of that), jira, confluence. Discourse. Anywhere that represents our team should also be branded to represent our team.