New Metrics in the portal

(Konstantina Papadea) #1

Hello amazing Reps,
in an effort to have metrics that can measure the amazing work you’re doing in the current Reps activities, the Reps council decided to update the portal metrics.

In general, we took out outdated metrics and added a lot of metrics that are related to the activate campaign. Here is the full changes:

Metrics that were removed:

  • Firefox Marketplace app demos
  • Firefox Marketplace app submissions
  • Firefox Student Ambassadors recruited
  • Webmaker Makes created

Metrics that were added:


  • Number of attendees creating a rustaceans profile?
  • Number of attendees joining the Rust users discourse channel
  • Number of attendees tweeting to rustlang about a feature of rust
  • Number of attendees joining the Reddit channel
  • Number of attendees interested in creating a crate
  • Number of attendees interested in conducting a Rust event


  • Number of people signed up to the A-Frame Slack channel
  • Number of projects built in or for A-Frame


  • Number of Add-on installs
  • Number compatibility issues filed
  • Number of sign-ups to compatibility list


  • Number of developers attending

P.S Metrics are really important in order to record Reps work. Do not forget to fill them out after the event

(Vigneshwer Dhinakaran) #2

Hi @konstantina,

Can we add one more metric under Rust category,

cc: @mkohler & @hmitsch


(Daniele Scasciafratte) #3

Pretty good!
I think that on Initiative is time to remove Connected Devices and add also Mozilla Clubs and Mozilla OpenLeadership.

For activity also to remove Copyright makerparty that not exist anymore.

(Konstantina Papadea) #4

I agree,
@mkohler thoughts?

(Michael Kohler) #5

Sure, why not :slight_smile: this is definitely something that helps with keeping participants engaged after an activity.

(Konstantina Papadea) #6

Seems good to me,
on the MozillaOpenLeadership we should probably rename from Mozilla Leadership Network we have now.

(Ranjith Raj) #7

Can we add more metrics to WebVR? If yes, please add
Number of attendees joined the Mozilla VR telegram group.

[Slack is not meant for larger communities like us, it is not designed that way. Telegram on the other way is significant in campaigns like Rain of Rust and other MozActivate events in India]

Number of attendees tweeting to @MozillaVR about the WebVR projects they complete.
Number of attendees interested in conducting a WebVR event.

Can we add more metrics to General? If yes, please add
Number of attendees tweeting with #MozActivate hashtags
[Number of attendees tweeting, not just number of tweets]

(Michael Kohler) #8

I think that would make sense. @konstantina what do you think?

(Konstantina Papadea) #9

I agree on the slack comment, however I am afraid of creating sylos, if the community is already on slack we are breaking it up.
Number of attendees tweeting is ok
Number of attendees interested in conducting seems kind of vague since it’s a lot to ask to someone that was just introduced to a technology.
@n_srushtika since you did all the moblizers work on WebVR what do you think?

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #10

I agree that Slack is not done for community but is used and we cannot stop that.
It’s a famous tool to developers and non-dev and actually is a trend IM so for us is important to have it and as Konstantina said we cannot split the community.
At the same time Telegram is not the right solutions for dev stuff (they became very spammy and chaotic).
Also is not so much significant have new people on a group when the majority of new people is not joining the discussion, as on facebook when your page get a like from someone that doesn’t care or not never get involved in what you share.

So these are only metrics about how much engagement you get during an event with the hope that this people get involved more.

At the same time I don’t think that tweeting with #mozactivate is so much important because #mozactivate doesn’t have any meaning outside the community, it is better to have tweets about the content of the event also with different hashtag of mozilla projects like #webvr or #mdn.

(Ranjith Raj) #11

We can keep slack, along with that can we keep telegram?

That’d be a great thing. Indeed, past few months of observation, the telegram is the most engaging platform for our communities and helps us gain more retaining users.