New Review Team Member 2018

Hi amazing Reps!

We’re so very happy to announce the new Review Team members who have just been officially on boarded. Welcome Michael (@mkohler) , Pushpita (@pushpita.dey) , Jason (@r_1fBsi9pfXZGrqa6RB3jYWg) , and Arturo(@thephoenixbird) to the team!

Review Team 2018The Review Team is a specialized group responsible in reviewing and approving or rejecting every budget requests made by Mozilla Reps. This team is working in close coordination and supervision of Reps Council. The new Review Team will replace the old members and team up with the 3 remaining members to continue the work for a year. You can check more information about The Review Team in the following wiki:

Last but not least, I would also like to thank and appreciate the previous Review Team members Dian Ina (@alamanda) , Priyanka (@priynag) , Faisal (@faisalaziz) , and Flore (@r_HN42fyO-WKqJJnvvAS8F-w) for all their contribution for the past year in the Review Team. Your contribution & dedication has been a great help for the program so far. We can’t thank you enough for that.

Please join me to congratulate all of them!

On behalf of The Review Team,


Thanks Dian Ina (@alamanda) , Priyanka (@priynag) , Faisal (@faisalaziz), and Flore (@r_HN42fyO-WKqJJnvvAS8F-w) for the great work in the past year, you have demonstrated great leadership and helped the program to empower activities around the world :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Priyanka (@priynag) , Flore (@r_HN42fyO-WKqJJnvvAS8F-w), Dian Ina (@alamanda) and Faisal (@faisalaziz), we taking the torch in the Review Team will do our very best to keep helping Reps to make the world a better and more interesting place :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @nukeador & @thephoenixbird for your kind words, and welcome aboard to review team, I have no doubt to say this is indeed a great team we have here, that brings expertise and experience on desk, I would like to welcome you all and wish you all the best for your journey as review team, looking forward to see amazing stuff from you all,

Feel free to be in touch in case you need any help.


Congratulations Team mates Great work @kelimuttu

Congratulations folks! Thanks for your hard efforts in stepping up to help the rest of us out.

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Many congratulations to the new people coming in and the previous incumbents moving on - you all help us to help make the web better.


Congratulations to the new team !