New Version of Firefox for android is a false step. #ROLLBACK!

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Let’s take the issues one by one.

Tabbed browsing is present. What do you mean exactly?

about:config is a power user feature so it’s present in power user builds like nightly and beta.

What extensions are you missing?

Hi andreip, thanks for your reply.

Concerning your questions I would say that:

  1. the former Tabs organization method had horizontal tabs that didn’t hide the page while you were choosing one of them. It was more useful;

  2. one of the missing plug-in is CookieAutoDelete, but many other users complain for other missing plug-ins.

Regardless my specific complains, the aim of my post was to focus on an overall unsatisfactory perception of the new release among the whole Firefox users community. That count alot.




We hope to include support for more add-ons with future updates. However, the team is evaluating how to do this in a way that avoids the security and compatibility issues we had with previous versions of Firefox.

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Please ask for specific use cases that were possible before but not anymore. There is a difference between ‘tabs don’t work as I want them to’ and ‘missing tabs feature’

You are able to use CAD in Nightly.

Here is how you can enable this

Mozilla is working really hard to improve addon support, add features and fix bugs. The 1 star reviews are not helping.

Mozilla is in a loose loose situation. It got shit for having a slow android browser, not having url at the bottom and no dark theme. It fixed all of that and now it gets shit for not having support for all addons in stable while Chrome supports 0 addons. Mozilla cannot build 2 browsers. It can barely build one.

Use whatever browser works for you, but please don’t amplify the hate mozilla is getting. Chrome and all it’s clones are well funded by surveilance capitalism, even the ‘privacy browsers’. I don’t think Mozilla deserves the hate it gets for basically being underfunded.

Sorry andreip, it wasn’t my intention to disappoint you and to frustrate the Firefox team effort.

Looking forward for improvements.

Best regards


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No worries. :slightly_smiling_face:

did I read this elsewhere before? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

find main discussion of the culling of the ADD-ONs via this link.

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I didn’t think anybody would do this without a compelling reason, and I mean REALLY compelling as in “there is no alternative”.

Here, they had plenty of alternatives. They chose the worst of them.

I’m glad to see I can get the “power user” about:config feature back. I What I’d like to see is both the compatibility of the desktop always add-on availability back, &/or the ability to switch on ‘desktop site’ before the page is opened, not after. Like it was before (So I can’t see any logical reason why it’s not now.) I don’t care if this uses more memory, data usage or performance costs or etc. And I certainly don’t give a crap what the site builder’s intention is for mobile devices. If I want the desktop site, I should be able to get it without reloading. -Thanks.

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yes and have it permantly so as a bookmark, of course.

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#ROLLBACK now! :innocent: :hugs: :weary: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


administrators of high-end IT infrastructures tell me: if they were ordered to roll back, they would lawyer up the same minute or worse.