Next Generation defenders of web

(Rahul Talreja) #1

In the month of May 2016, i organized a workshop in a city called sagar (150Kms) from Bhopal, India i.e. my hometown.
This was one of the major step of success of Mozilla MP as we were building our routes in sagar region of madhya pradesh, India where their was no prior Mozilla’s presence.
Taking lead from my community i did this successful event in a school called DPS sagar.
It was one of my best experience till date, i have never seen any such enthusiastic crowd before. we inaugurated a club which was to be managed by inhouse faculty members and soon after few months young kids of high school did the workshop for their juniors (primary and secondary school) in month of august.
We have never seen before in past such young speakers defending web and advocating for open web at this early stage. This was really incredible of them.
Check out some images here :

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