Next steps for Regional (Community) Coaches

Hello Mozillians,

As many of you remember, from the Open Innovation team we launched an initiative back in July 2016 called Regional Coaches. The project was intended to better support local communities and make the Reps program a more representative program for all mozillians. Since then, a lot of things happened, and we acknowledge that we failed on communicate the progress and update you about the current situation.

After a couple of months of working on how to improve the program and boost the coaches, we’ve decided that we will continue with the program but with a stronger focus on supporting the communities, helping get easy access to resources and documentation, and help them with conflict resolution.

That’s why we are rebranding the program as Community Coaches, and clarifying the role and the expectations. I’ve already communicated this to the active coaches, but I would like to also inform the communities.

Coaches will be supporting a couple of communities per region, instead of working with 5 or 10 communities at the same time. This will help them to perform a better follow-up of the situation, and will help them to focus on the communities that need help/guidance.

However for those communities that wants to contact our coaches, we have created an alias where you will be able to contact the whole group (also this can be used as a contact point for conflict resolution). The alias is

The role description is:

  • Be a liaison between communities and Mozilla
  • Help local communities understand new initiatives and quarterly goals
  • Establish regular check ins with communities
  • Inform communities in a solid way the Mozilla objectives
  • Provide guidance on conflict resolution
  • Commitment to participate in Meetings with the other Regional Coaches and Project owner
  • Develop a clear view of local communities status, problems, needs

By now, the Community Coach of your region should have contacted the 2 to 3 communities they decided to work with, but to reinforce who are them, I will briefly remind you who they are and which region they have assigned.

  • Robby Sayles (@rtsayles). Region 1: USA, Canada
  • Arturo Martinez (@thephoenixbird), Adriano Cupello (@dricupello). Region 2: Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, Cuba
  • Edoardo Viola (@edovio). Region 3: Ireland, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic.
  • Vacant. Region 4: Hungary, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Russia, Israel
  • Mahmood Qudah (@qudahmahmood), Fadoua Baouab (@Pendow). Region 5: Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Palestine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Morocco
  • Manuela Kouadio (@m_kouadio). Region 6: Cameroon, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana
  • Sandraghassen Subbaraya Pillai (@spillai10). Region 7: Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Madagascar, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Botswana
  • Irvin Chen (@irvin), Hossain Al Ikram (@hossainalikram). Region 8: China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Japan
  • Shagufta Gurmukhdas (@shaguftamethwani). Region 9: India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar
  • Joshua Rubin (@oshrubin). Region 10: Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand.

If you want to become part of this new program, feel free to contact me directly through Discourse or via email to franc [at] mozilla [dot] com.

Best regards,
Francisco Picolini
On behalf of the Open Innovation team


@franc, this is brilliant…I have already started a ground work focusing on three communities during the past three weeks and I’ll shortly provide a feedback on the information gathered so far, on the status, problems and needs of these communities…


Hi @franc , please add Hong Kong to region 8, which we’re actively connecting with the community there (which organising by @sammyfung .


Hi there, I can’t find Bangladesh in any region!

Hi @Sraboni
Bangladesh is based on Region 8

Added Joshua Rubin (@oshrubin) on region 10, since he’s still part of the program.


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Welcome on board @oshrubin to the community coach team.