Nightly Testers Group on Telegram App

(Marcia) #1

For those interested, there is now a Telegram Group for Nightly Testers. It is my hope that we can put out calls for features and other items to test. We will also delve into stability issues since it is important we identify crashes early and get them fixed.

Please feel free to join if you are interested in discussing what is going on in Nightly (Both Desktop and Mobile). Currently both @mozillamarcia and @gaby2300 can add new users to the group.

(Michael Kohler) #2

Hi Marcia

Could you please update your post to say who can invite interested persons?


(alex_mayorga) #3

¡Hola Marcia!

What’s the link to join?


(Michael Kohler) #4

In the past it turned out that giving out those links publicly ended up in really nasty spamming, so it’s better to get in contact with the mentioned persons (Marcia edited her post).

(Amit kumar Roy) #5

i’m intrested in this please add me this group

(Marcia) #6

Please message me on Telegram and I will add you.

(Amit kumar Roy) #7

my user name :@amitroy007

(Bittin) #8

want to be added @bittin :slight_smile:

(Amit kumar Roy) #9

your user id…ma’am

(Zaid Ibhais) #10

Want to be added: @zaidibhais

(Oneeyecarpenter) #11


How many folks do you have on the Telegram group for Nightly? And is there a place here on Discourse that Nightly users on Android are giving feedback?

(Zaid Ibhais) #12

We have 100 members on the Telegram group.