No favorite button in new AMO design?

Thank you very much. It take a long time to add addon to my fav. Hope it will be easier and better.

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Markus, this is a huge step backwards.

I maintain multiple AMO collections that have followers. Sometimes I need to add a new extension to up to 5 different collections (sometimes even more).

This was simple and fluid with the previous design.

Now, I have to go to each collection, manually type in the name of the new extension, search for it, and then add it. I then have to repeat that process for each collection.

If I have to do this for 5 extensions, it could mean over 1000 keypresses and button-clicks compared to what previously took about 20 clicks.

In other words, the new process is too onerous to even consider using. The bottom line is that I will no longer be maintaining any of my AMO collections. I doubt other collection curators will go through the now laborious and tedious process either.

I also actively added interesting extensions to my personal favorites. The new design makes that process tedious at best. I think I’ll just go back to creating an offline text file; it’s much easier. Unfortunately, with that workaround, no one else in the community benefits.

If Mozilla needs help with usability issues like these, let me know. I happen to be a human factors engineer (UI/UX professional).

I project that the result of the new design will be less interest in AMO as a community. The AMO community is one of the primary attractions to Firefox over the competition. This new design is not in the best interest of Mozilla.


Someone should create a Firefox add-on just to restore the button?


Completely agree. :+1:

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Please restore ability to Add to Favorites, and Add to Collection, list all collections ad-on belongs to. And link to collection from the Add to Collection list.

I am a big creator and manager of add-on collections (120+). I NEED these features.

Yes, I know I can bring up my collection (VERY LONG process…multiple steps, only shows 20 at a time, have to search–have to remember naming used, have to have correct spelling, etc)

Without these features, I am working BLIND!!! Cannot see to which collections I have add-on assigned, which I use to determine where to add new ones…And there is NO fallback. No other way to find ALL MY collections with same add-on.

BREAKS what was once a simple work flow into MULTIPLE MULTIPLE MULTIPLE steps and FAR FAR LESS efficient…this will KILL the AMO community of aggregators like myself that create collections.

I hope reads this post. If not, what is best what is best way to elevate attention to this issue?

2 extra links, one of which is a drop-down menu, does NOT clutter the interface but adds HUGE value.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE restore these simple features!

And I agree with @FOX, “The AMO community is one of the primary attractions to Firefox over the competition. This new design is not in the best interest of Mozilla.”


Collections are only effective way currently available to manage add-ons for personal use and for sharing. Here are some benefits:

  • provides ability to monitor collection of related add-ons to pick best ones
  • provides ability to quickly find alternatives that collector has deemed similar, especially when development for one add-on falls behind or is dropped
  • allows ability to add important notes
  • all this can be shared for others to benefit.
  • improves discoverability of add-ons, therefore helps promote them

Use of Collections should be improved and promoted, NOT made to be hidden and hard to manage.
One reason collections are not as well used as could be is because tools to create and manage them are weak, there are no easy search tools for users to take full advantage of them and for collector creators to communicate better about them. This creates a vicious circle.
AND this step of removing 2 simple features/links makes it FAR worse.



BTW, I spent a lot of time and effort to get the Add to Collection list fixed so that they were sorted alphabetically for easy management (just check the Bugzilla site). It was fixed not that long ago (after a few years of it’s working, it’s not working, it’s working again cycles) and now it is taken away completely.
There is no way to sort list of MY Collections or search within them, and as stated before, current list only allows show 20 at a time…VERY hard to manage.
The ‘Add To Collections’ link made all this possible with just a a very few clicks.

[edit] I have added link to bugzilla for reference for the fix that was just finalized and put into product last Sep, only 7 months ago:


This TOTALLY not an improvement! :rage:

In the past these are the steps:

  1. Click “Add to favorites”!
    DONE! :slightly_smiling:

Now these are the steps (translated from german; not accurate translation):

  1. Open favorites
  2. Click “edit collection”
  3. type in the addon name
  4. click “add”
  5. click “save”

Seriously!? How can THAT be an improvement?



Actually, it takes MANY more steps than that:

  1. click on My Collections
  2. FIND desired collection.
    • I have 120+. List only displays 20 at a time.
    • ALSO, collections are NOT sorted, so they can be on ANY page.
    • So click, scroll, AND scan or search for name up to 6 times to find correct collection PLUS wait for page reloads after each click.
  3. Once found, click on desired collection
  4. Click Edit Collection
  5. Click Add-Ons tab
  6. Check if add-on already exists in list by Scrolling or searching. If so, just wasted your time.
  7. Otherwise, CORRECTLY Type in name of add-on to add
  8. FORGOT exact name or spelling of add-on because of steps 1-7? GO back to add-on and look it up
  9. When name of add-on shows up in list, click name
  10. Click “Add to Collection” button
  11. Click Save
    Done in SEVERAL MINUTES :scream: AAAAHHHH!
    If want to add same add-on to more than one collection, REPEAT ALL 11 STEPS and SEVERAL MORE MINUTES!

Versus OLD method:

  1. Click on Add to Collection
  2. scroll to desired collection. ALL collections listed (in my case 120+), nicely sorted alphabetically. If it already added, check shows you…DONE
  3. Otherwise, click check mark to add collection
    Done in ONLY SECONDS! :dancer:
  4. If want to add add-on to more than one collection, scroll to other collection and visually see if it is already added.
  5. If not, click on extra collection. DONE in only 2 more steps. DONE!

PLEASE reverse SOON!


added a couple more details above.

That’ crazy!
Why change this function for only 2 lines in a very lax design ?
Take care of us before break something …
The" add to collection" need to be improved ( i have in list popup, many coll twice by example).
I post about that here:

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yes, it needs fixing…BUT right now there is no link to Add to Collection.

Better to add it back with it’s bugginess than to leave it out completely!!!
Without it, it is VERY painful to maintain collections.

ANY news on this? How hard is it to add back 2 links?

I thought that it would be a good idea to organize and update my collections today but I’ve run into the same issue as others.
The alternative method to add to collections as suggested here, quite frankly, sucks.
Aside from managing collections, the only other reason for non-developers to sign-in would be to leave a review.
It has to be that those who take the time to sign in are passionate about add-ons and they’re either doing so to manage their collections or leave a review.
Take one away and there’s less of a reason to be engaged with the site.

If collections will be phased out, please inform AMO users so that they don’t waste any more time on them.
If they aren’t going to be phased out, please re-enable the previous options or at least, provide an add-on.

I use collections for personal use but I do have a featured one with a fair amount of followers.
Granted, Thunderbird probably won’t be on AMO forever, but, still, since the collection is followed and featured and even seen within the product, I’d like to work on it and my other ones, but I won’t as things stand now. I have kitten videos to watch and other things to do.
:smile_cat: :sleeping:

Just please fix this.

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I made an add-on that brings back the original widgets. It doesn’t look pretty, but it does the job. It should be useful until the pending issue is resolved.

It hasn’t been reviewed yet, but I expect that to happen soon.


Thank you !!!

Now how to get Mozilla to restore this functionality to the site permanently?

For all those interested, go download this Add-on, and show support for it by writing a positive review. Then spread the word!

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Also, add your voice to the discussion here: mozilla/addons-server#2264
They seem to be paying attention to the feedback on that thread.

I have removed collection from the add-ons page as we see very limited use of that feature. But of course that does not necessarily mean that they are not important to the add-on ecosystem.

In this and other threads I have read comments on their importance for the add-on ecosystem. Argument mentioned to support that are that collections keep users engaged that create them and that they help users find relevant add-ons.

I would like to better understand the full impact collections have on the ecosystem and what they are used for.

Those in here curating & using collections, could you please help me understand what it is that makes them valuable for you:

What is your motivation to create collections?
Self-Organization, Helping others, Fame, remembering great extensions/themes or other

Who uses the collections you create?
Mostly me, mostly others

And what are you creating collections for?
mostly Extensions, more for Themes or both

Why are you using collections?

Looking forward to any feedback. Thanks.

And thanks @jorgev for creating that extension.

What is your motivation to create collections?
–> Remembering great extensions.
I use multiple profiles and sometimes write about add-ons.
Collections allow me to categorize and semi-quickly access my favorite, most used, essential, and other add-ons. Simple bookmarks don’t offer as much info or as many features.
–> Helping others.
I don’t always remember the names of add-ons and so search doesn’t cut it when I’m looking for an extension that I want to suggest to an individual for a particular purpose or to address an issue/annoyance etc. Sorted collections help.

Who uses the collections you create?
Peyton Manning and Shakira.
Okay, mostly me.
My Thunderbird one is the exception.

And what are you creating collections for?
Extensions only.
There aren’t enough full themes :cry:

Why are you using collections?
So I spend less time viewing porn. I have problems. :confused:
Actually, just refer to my first answers.

While I do like having collections, if the call to 86 them is made, I won’t be pissed or lose sleep.
There are greater things to lose in life, like, losing a testicle in a knife fight with a monkey.

With that being said, just please gives us a heads up on the AMO blog if collections will be removed so that we have time to come up with an alternative.

And sincere thanks to Jorge for the add-on! :raised_hands:


Yes, that’s the great!
And about : [quote=“maritz, post:24, topic:8015”]
Those in here curating & using collections, could you please help me understand what it is that makes them valuable for you:
I agree with KenSaunders …

The login to this forum is painful.

We need to be motived to use this one!.
Too complex and take a long time to be connected.

And it said that’s a “simplified” login system!

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totally agree - but not backwards (cause not remember that times without) - to nowhere…

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