No favorite button in new AMO design?

yes, it needs fixing…BUT right now there is no link to Add to Collection.

Better to add it back with it’s bugginess than to leave it out completely!!!
Without it, it is VERY painful to maintain collections.

ANY news on this? How hard is it to add back 2 links?

I thought that it would be a good idea to organize and update my collections today but I’ve run into the same issue as others.
The alternative method to add to collections as suggested here, quite frankly, sucks.
Aside from managing collections, the only other reason for non-developers to sign-in would be to leave a review.
It has to be that those who take the time to sign in are passionate about add-ons and they’re either doing so to manage their collections or leave a review.
Take one away and there’s less of a reason to be engaged with the site.

If collections will be phased out, please inform AMO users so that they don’t waste any more time on them.
If they aren’t going to be phased out, please re-enable the previous options or at least, provide an add-on.

I use collections for personal use but I do have a featured one with a fair amount of followers.
Granted, Thunderbird probably won’t be on AMO forever, but, still, since the collection is followed and featured and even seen within the product, I’d like to work on it and my other ones, but I won’t as things stand now. I have kitten videos to watch and other things to do.
:smile_cat: :sleeping:

Just please fix this.

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I made an add-on that brings back the original widgets. It doesn’t look pretty, but it does the job. It should be useful until the pending issue is resolved.

It hasn’t been reviewed yet, but I expect that to happen soon.


Thank you !!!

Now how to get Mozilla to restore this functionality to the site permanently?

For all those interested, go download this Add-on, and show support for it by writing a positive review. Then spread the word!

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Also, add your voice to the discussion here: mozilla/addons-server#2264
They seem to be paying attention to the feedback on that thread.

I have removed collection from the add-ons page as we see very limited use of that feature. But of course that does not necessarily mean that they are not important to the add-on ecosystem.

In this and other threads I have read comments on their importance for the add-on ecosystem. Argument mentioned to support that are that collections keep users engaged that create them and that they help users find relevant add-ons.

I would like to better understand the full impact collections have on the ecosystem and what they are used for.

Those in here curating & using collections, could you please help me understand what it is that makes them valuable for you:

What is your motivation to create collections?
Self-Organization, Helping others, Fame, remembering great extensions/themes or other

Who uses the collections you create?
Mostly me, mostly others

And what are you creating collections for?
mostly Extensions, more for Themes or both

Why are you using collections?

Looking forward to any feedback. Thanks.

And thanks @jorgev for creating that extension.

What is your motivation to create collections?
–> Remembering great extensions.
I use multiple profiles and sometimes write about add-ons.
Collections allow me to categorize and semi-quickly access my favorite, most used, essential, and other add-ons. Simple bookmarks don’t offer as much info or as many features.
–> Helping others.
I don’t always remember the names of add-ons and so search doesn’t cut it when I’m looking for an extension that I want to suggest to an individual for a particular purpose or to address an issue/annoyance etc. Sorted collections help.

Who uses the collections you create?
Peyton Manning and Shakira.
Okay, mostly me.
My Thunderbird one is the exception.

And what are you creating collections for?
Extensions only.
There aren’t enough full themes :cry:

Why are you using collections?
So I spend less time viewing porn. I have problems. :confused:
Actually, just refer to my first answers.

While I do like having collections, if the call to 86 them is made, I won’t be pissed or lose sleep.
There are greater things to lose in life, like, losing a testicle in a knife fight with a monkey.

With that being said, just please gives us a heads up on the AMO blog if collections will be removed so that we have time to come up with an alternative.

And sincere thanks to Jorge for the add-on! :raised_hands:


Yes, that’s the great!
And about : [quote=“maritz, post:24, topic:8015”]
Those in here curating & using collections, could you please help me understand what it is that makes them valuable for you:
I agree with KenSaunders …

The login to this forum is painful.

We need to be motived to use this one!.
Too complex and take a long time to be connected.

And it said that’s a “simplified” login system!

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totally agree - but not backwards (cause not remember that times without) - to nowhere…

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@Fox , @smayer97 , @hiccups1980 , @anzi
Could you please help me understand your arguments for collections and your motivation to use them?

What is your motivation to create collections?
-> Remembering all my addons
-> Fast access to all my favorite addons on other PCs (not at home; for example at friend PCs)

Who uses the collections you create?
-> Me and sometimes my friends (I share the link with them)

And what are you creating collections for?
-> Extensions

Why are you using collections?
-> Easy way to find everything fast and the overview is great.


What is your motivation to create collections?

  • AMO search is crap so I need collections to find addons quickly
  • When setting up new PC or a friends PC I want a collection of essential add ons
  • I use this to recommend to others
  • addons installed detail pages do not always link back to their AMO page making them hard to find
  • I need to keep a note about the addon (which I do in the collection) to remind me why this occasionally used addon is something I need to keep installed

Who uses the collections you create?

  • Me. (I looked at addons and checked what collections they were when evaluating a new add on)

And what are you creating collections for?

  • Extensions which are NOW called addons

Why are you using collections?

  • Easy way to find everything fast, categorise addon into essential, useful, etc

removing add to button has to be the most stupid thing you could do - this is why we can’t have nice things because some genius comes and breaks it.


I am amazed that something as simple as the “add button” has been removed this is so frustrating to someone who maintains collections. Maybe we should remove the add button from SUMO or put it in some obfuscated location it would certainly discourage bug reporting :-p

It is like you saved a patient and someone 7 months later shoots the patient in the head and says “Oh I did not think that person was valuable”. I would have used the sorting too as well as sorting within a collection when doing “editting” but that’s another feature that does not exist.

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[quote=“smayer97, post:16, topic:8015, full:true”]
Actually, it takes MANY more steps than that:

omg you are in for so much pain and torture under this new backward “design”

For me, I sometimes need to create notes attached to an addon. For example, it may be on feature you need very infrequently and that solves a particular problem on a particular site. There have been past times when I look at an installed addon and think no why did I install that? - then go back to see I have it in my must have collection and I made a note why I need it, so where else is logical place to do that? Sometimes I need notes because addon description is just poorly written.


Any chance this would work with Firefox v44.x - I can download and tweak the version number if you think it may work. (Not ready to update to v45.x yet)

I changed the compat metadata to support 44. I haven’t tested it myself, but I think it should work, so give it a try.

Thank you. Should it work as before? I noticed it does not detect if addon is already in an existing collection. Having two or more… pages all looking at different addons then “tick” one page and other pages get “tick” too. Are you seeing that in v45 as well?

It should work the same as before. As far as I know, the only change done was to hide the nodes in the page, and all the add-on does is make them visible again.