No logs for Tadfri smart plug

I recently installed a Tadfri Smart Plug; it took about 15 minutes to properly pair with my Conbee II (it required a re sync since the first time it didn’t pair well - it behaved oddly), but other than that it all went smoothly.
The only issue I have is that there is no log; I would like to monitor my rules since I rely a lot on automation rather than manual control (I find the logs feature very useful with my OSRAM smart plug).
Is there something else I should configure to have it working?

You should be able to select the Tradfri plug as a device to add a log for. Your only log choice is the on/off property, but that will monitor its state whether manually turned on/off or changed by rules.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I had overlooked!

Maybe a “add to logs” action in the device page would be helpful