No more builds available after 20150701?

From I was redirected to to download latest build for the tablet, but the latest folder I see here is 20150701 only,


Build 20150701 and other builds on dropbox is bad, the system.img is null.
Try the on, it may be the latest version of the unofficial stable build.
Note: the newer than it, but I heard it unavailable, so I did not actually try it.

Maybe @yousef can give some valuable input here?

Vendor’s build system has been broken for a while and they don’t intend to fix it.

Many people have reporting this build being stable:

No @yousef, this isn’t the correct build. I tried this and found that this is not a tablet interface build (same has been reported by others also -

So, I found 20150101 is the latest build which is the tablet interface and working fine. Let us know if there is any other latest build which works fine.

That one does have the tablet interface. I assume you’re talking about the vertical homescreen, which was merged in March. Before that, it was using the much older horizontal homescreen because of issues with the vertical one.

There’s also a bug for having more icons per column:

Hey @yousef thanks a lot for the information. I tried 20150519 version, its working fine (I was under wrong impressions that its not for tablet).

@yousef Can you tell me if exist the possibilities that tablet get news builds with Firefox OS 2.5? The last built is from May and October is on corner.

¡Hola @yousef!

Any hopes for new builds of yours?


There have been no major changes or movements to the development of TCP, nor will there be any benefits from an updated build. No new builds are available at the moment.

Hi all , I came back after some time.
Thats sad , I flashed with the latest and its not so good looking for the tablet. I fixed the orientation to horizontal , its quite a mess to say the least.

The vertical homescreen is the horrible one :scream:
Its just too unusable. I understand its hard to maintain but it signifies a ditching of the project.

We’ve lost partner support and there are no plans to move further at this point. There are no bugs fixed lately for Flatfish so there are no updated builds. If you’d like to fix a bug or find somebody to do so, there can be some progress. However, you will need a proper person to review and merge the fix, who may be the challenging part.

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Hi , I’m trying to compile for this device but any time I tried I get errors, I want help to fix bugs for this devices but I dont have any experience fixing bugs :frowning: but Im available to try it.

I found this list of bugs for the flatfish :[Flatfish]&resolution=---&short_desc_type=allwordssubstr&list_id=12725200

This is te last error that I got while was compiling , is from today :


By partner Did you mean the vendor support who provides us with android drivers? :expressionless:

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Does it mean no one who was previously working on bugs is now interested in fixing the bugs ?:flushed:

Obviously there is no point in having an updated build when things are not fixed. What about all the people like me who have the device lying around and want to test and report bugs? :bug:

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Try checking out the previous version and build again. Also remember to clean stuff before building. Sorry I can’t offer any specific help. Maybe @yousef could help.

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Thanks @pavithran , I’ll try with the 2.2, and if it doesnt work, I’ll try with the 2.1 , and so on until the 1.4 :stuck_out_tongue: this device (and us) deserve be rescued with a good rom :confused: Some of us can try fix some important bugs and try to come alive again this tablet :smiley:

I haven’t done any builds in a while since none of the bugs I have filed have had any activity. Before the recent announcements we really only had a handful of people working on fixing bugs so at this point I don’t expect things to move forward.

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