No way to disable "Enhanced Tracking Protection" on desktop (Good solution already on Android)

I use an addon for content blocking (AdGuard or uBlock Origin) that means I disable Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection , if I don’t disable it and a webpage’s functionality is broken due to something being blocked I have to disable two things instead of one (every time.)

On android you just disable FF’s Enhanced Tracking Protection and it’s gone, there’s an “Off” option exactly where you expect it to be and it works. But on desktop you have to select custom then un-tick everything and every page still has a shield in the address bar saying Enhanced Tracking Protection is still on. I assume it’s not, right?

I’m a huge Firefox advocate and fan (on every platform) but this is unattractive inconvenient and confusing. Is there any plan to change this?

What is the reasoning for not adding an “Off” option like Android? Is there about:config options I can use?