Noob questions to git

If i have a B2G repo and make a change to one line in one file and then start the build.
Does it automaticaly run on that changed line?

yes except if you do a git pull or repo sync

next noob question is:

I made a change to my fork of “novski/b2g-manifest” and wold like to test the fetch of code befor i make a pullrequest to “mozilla-b2g/b2g-manifest” how can i make the command ./config fairphone2 download my version?

GITREPO and BRANCH env variables can be overriden at runtime:

so GITREPO=git:// BRANCH=xxx ./

Ok i think there is a confusion by what state i do that…
I do:

git clone git:// && cd B2G

then in change


so by the time i change the


it will not refresh the ./repo/manifest folder by doing next a

./ fairphone2

My git repo: git://

will not be recognized befor i fetch the code defined in the manifest…

Is there a git command to update the “./repo” part after cloning the mozilla-b2g git?

Now i understand. I forked the B2G repo and changed it there…