Not a fan

(JFS OCC) #1

I don’t particularly like this new feature where I can screenshot what I’m browsing. That’s a security risk and a half. I value my privacy even if you only pay lipservice to respecting it.

Please remove it entirely.

(David Teller) #2

What makes you think it is a security risk? This can only be triggered by you, not webpages.

(Test_Pilot_John) #4

Hey JFS_OCC, you can totally remove it by going to about:config in your URL bar and searching extensions.screenshots.disabled and setting the value to true.

For what it’s worth, you can just directly save any shots to disk by clicking the download button, and we’ll be adding a button to let you copy shots directly to your clipboard in FF58.


(Trackerz Suk) #5

I agree. it’s loathsome. This should be offered as an optional extension. You’re getting as obnoxious as Microsoft.
And I thought Pockets was bad.

(Sean Watson664) #6

The image is sitting on a cloud server. That is the security risk. [Ctrl][PrtScn] works just fine even if it is only one image at a time and you crop the image after you capture. With [Ctrl][PrtScn] you know where your data is.

(Joshua M Boniface) #7

This is indeed a huge privacy and security risk as-is. Why are the screenshots immediately sent to a cloud service!? There’s no reason the same functionality couldn’t save locally by default and use the cloud service as an option. Until that’s done this is unsafe.

(Mememe) #8

Good feedback! Odd there is no immediately reply from FF like with the original comment.

(Mememe) #9

You viewpoint has some validity, but you can’t presume that everyone shares your view. They don’t need to eliminate the feature, you just shoudn’t use it.

(Joshua M Boniface) #10

Exactly, I saw this feature and was really excited, until I saw the cloud-only part. It’s a great idea, but the implementation is fraught with problems right now, especially for use-cases like mine (where screenshotting a single page element is very useful, BUT the data is potentially highly sensitive).