Notes feedback and rant

When opening Notes for the first time after a browser restart the thing is defaulted to Bookmars and not to Notes.
Like in the picture below 1 is how it looks in the Video and 2 is how it looks here. I need to click on the Show Sidebars icon (2) to expand that then I have to click on the Boomarks(3) and change to Notes(4).

I really want to like the Notes but for now I can’t, they are too limited. I don’t care about fonts, spacing and all that stuff.
All I want is something simple, like the QuickNote addon:
Being able to have multiple notes/tabs and why not being able to detach them from the browser because squeezing the window is annoying when i’m on wide web-pages…


Thanks for the feedback. This is really useful and will help us improve notes! :+1: