Notes support for Firefox Android?

Hey all,

I must admit I don’t use Notes/Discourse very often, hence the following may be completely out of scope.
I was wondering if it was planned (or not) to have Notes included in Firefox Android, checking around the parameters in Firefox Nightly for Android and as well the Sync parameters, it seems that Firefox Notes is not shipped there for the time being.

Am I missing something/is it already supported?
If not will it be there in the future?
If it is simply not considered, feel free to let me know as well :slight_smile:

My use case is “simply” (at least from my end-user perspective) some note sync between my smartphone (leave dates that I checked at work and entered on my phone) and my Firefox desktop (accessing the same dates while booking train tickets for instance).


Hello Adrien,

We are currently working on the Notes for Android. Hopefully it will be done soon! :slight_smile:


is there a repository somewhere? I would like to check out the code and maybe contribute :wink: