Object building practice

I’m facing difficulty to understand canvas and requestAnimationFrame Api in Object building practice, i understand how to make class of ball and make object instances from ball class but not understand canvas and requestAnimationFrame Api, should i learn canvas and requestAnimationFrame Api ?

Hi @Junaid_Arshad!

I appreciate that the subjects are slightly out of order here. I am was hoping that with the way I’ve written this, readers would be able to take onboard the object learning, without having to worry about canvas and rAF.

We actually cover those in more detail in later learning modules. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a look now; see the following:

Yesterday i’m not able to understand canvas and animationapi code but today i practice this exercise again with another approach, i understand canvas and animationapi code with one ball and console log things so i understand all code and i thanks to Mdn because they give me strong foundation of javascript and my problem solving skills becomes better and better day by day with the help of Mdn javascript exercises.