Official bulletin - proposal

One of the biggest problem of B2G OS is communication: we are doing a great work, but outside our community few people currently know our project. Existed and still exist a lot of newsblogs and specialized sites around the world about Firefox OS, and a part of them currently wants to speack about B2G OS: just for example, i write in a italian newsblog about FFOS and now also B2G OS. But for those sites and the other sites about mobile and technology doesn’t talk about B2G OS because doesn’t know him and primarily doesn’t find news about him. For my site is very difficult to find information and news about this project, also. So, i think that we should have a web page or, in case, a topic in this post used as a official bulletin, where share news about development of B2G OS, about new porting, new app created, new ideas, and from this bulletin fans can catch news and share them on their blog, and sites can creates post from those news.
What do you think about this proposal?

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