One and Done leaderboard updation

Just wanted to know, how often does page gets updated?

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Not sure - the WebQA team is helping to administer the site. I can try to find out from them.

The thing is that, the leader-board is not up to date.
Can you please get it updated or help in some way because new tasks are being added but the leader-board is not getting updated.
Thank you in advance.

So Rebecca Billings replied:

The leaderboard is updated at least daily if not hourly.

Also she mentioned :

There is an algorithm that ignores some tasks that are identified as ones that people use to game the system. We have a goal this quarter regarding the Leaderboard so expect some changes also.

Let us know if there are any other questions.

This is my OneandDone profile , by far I’ve completed 18 tasks and 2 or 3 tasks are waiting to get reviewed from past 3-4 days. My name should be there in the the leaderboard, but it’s not there and the other thing is that the tasks that are to be reviewed are not review till now.

If you submitted Complete too quick your times might not be registered.
If that is not the case please enter a bug for it.

Yes even I have completed 11 tasks and 1 task is in pending… This is my One and Done profile

My name should be there in the the leader board, but it’s not there. Please look into the matter for my name in the leader board.

As suggested in the previous comment, please file a bug in the Mozilla QA | One and Done component for this. Asking for someone to resolve it in this thread is not the proper course as everything is tracked in Bugzilla. Thanks.

My problem is solved now.

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Ok Thanks :smile: