One filter with many conditions or many filters with one condition?

I’ve been having slowdowns and issues with filters. Currently, my filters don’t always run automatically. I tried running them manually, but it just lags the application and doesn’t do anything.

I have a few filters that check if messages match any of a list of from email addresses and then move them to a folder if they do. Basically, it’s just “If email is from any of [list of 20+ email addresses], move email to [folder]”. I recently moved to this setup since before I had 20+ filters for each folder doing this with a single email address to check against. It seemed to work and then I added a few more addresses to a few of the filters, and now it doesn’t seem to run them at all.

I was wondering if one filter with many “ANY” conditions and one action is faster or slower than many filters with a single condition but all with the same action?

Have you tried adding the addresses to their own address book and using the address book in the filter criteria?