Only shows the top 3 options, no Notes

(Slichtn) #1

I watched the “Notes” tutorial to add up top, but it only shows the top 3 options, no Notes…?

Mozilla Discourse release 2017-08-02
(vladikoff) #2

Hey! Sorry, could you explain what you mean?
Which tutorial and which top 3 options?

(Saurabh Pradhan) #3

I also have the same problem. I am on Linux fedora mechine with firefox version 53.0.2.

(Rpenner) #4

Yes, same issue here. I’d like to give Notes a try as i’ve often wished for such a feature.

Can’t get past “Uploading 100%” with my screenshot, so I’ll just say that it shows Notes is enabled, but I have the same three options showing up.

(David Landry) #5

Same problem, The Test Pilot page tells me Notes is enabled, but I only get the same three options and not 'Notes" option.

(KevS) #6

Same issue here - drop down doesn’t have Notes option.