Open an Excel file with Javascript (SpiderMonkey 1.8) in Sparx Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect modelling tool from Sparx Systems ( integrates SpiderMonkey Javascript engine 1.8.
This is useful to create JS scripts in this tool and make use of its Interop API.
I managed to create a simple Logging class to output info and debug message.

I’m struggling in getting Excel Application to work ; I need to open Excel to read or write information. I can’t find any information from the MDN docs (except from which doesn’t provide working samples).

The following works as I can see a new Ms.Excel process in the task manager:
var ExcelSheet = new COMObject('Excel.Sheet',true);
But as soon as I try to create a workbook or worksheet object, it doesn’t work.

Is there any working example or reference I can look at to fix this?

Hello @Guillaume_UML

according to the lnk you provide it only work in IE so check this one

hope it help and have a nice day

Thank you for your reply.
The 1st link gave some hints that I tried yet it didn’t work.

ActiveX will not work with SpiderMonkey. ActiveX is a deprecated technology that worked only with Internet Explorer and stopped working at all years ago.

What exactly do you need to do, @Guillaume_UML ? Open the Excel binary?

you very welcome and sorry for late replay and the problem is i am on linux so i can not test it on IE

and i agree with @yoric that you should consider another way if you need to do something with excel file unless if your user will be only IE

have a nice day for both of you