Option to prevent my screenshots from being uploaded to firefox servers.

(Rohan Kapadia) #1

I want an option that will ensure that my screenshots are never uploaded to firefox servers.

Maybe, display this option when loading the screenshot or allow me to set a default in the preferences or maybe even both options. I should though, have the option to ensure that screenshots with sensitive information never leave me computer and aren’t uploaded to firefox servers, either for saving to the “my shots” section, or post processing or any other reason.

(Clouserw) #2

If you click the download button today (instead of save) the image is not sent to the web. A pref to remove the save button completely is coming, but it’s landing in Nightly soon, which means you aren’t going to see it in regular Firefox until Firefox 60, I think.

(Napoleon Blownapart) #3

Sadly, almost a whole year has gone by and FireFox has reached version 64, but the cloud based “Save” button is still prominently displayed unchanged and there’s no option that I can find in Preferences to remove/disable it.

This kind of disdain for user privacy is making it ever more difficult and awkward to recommend FireFox to family, friends, and colleagues who are not as savvy about how the internet works. My conscience wards me away from betraying those I care about. It’s simply a matter of implicit trust being broken. The design of the “Save” button is a form of entrapment, and, if anything, the button should have been labelled “Upload” to make clear what happens when you press it.

Here is another, even older, reference to the same issue: Upload of screenshot without asking for permission or even warning me . It’s really disappointing to see this problem still unresolved considering where society is at right now, and shows a complete lack of commitment to user’s privacy, in spite of the marketing rhetoric saying otherwise. How long before FireFox’s reputation collapses in an embarrassing heap?

I know there is a way to turn it off in nightly, through the about:config mechanism, so I’m off to see if I can find the right key to do so in FireFox.

about:config -> extensions.screenshots.upload-disabled change from (default) false to true