OSCON EU (Amsterdam) October 26th-28th

(Francisco) #1

Hello all,

After exchanged a few emails with the OSCON organizers, we finally got an opportunity to have a non-profit booth at the event.

Since the idea is to have a solid presence, this thread is to start discussions about who can be helping us at the booth, and reviewing possible activities there.

As a disclaimer: Since the booth is for free, the idea is to keep the budget as low as possible (ideally near to zero), so we’ll be prioritizing people that lives nearby, or in the surrounding countries.

We can only have 3 Mozillians/Reps, and I already checked this with the Dutch community, but since we want to include more community I’ve started this topic.

Questions?, comments?, suggestions?, feel free to reach me (franc[at]mozilla.com) or replying here.


PS: Since the event is by the end of next month, and we need to prepare things, this call will be open until next Monday.

(Michał Dziewoński) #2

Hello @franc!

Thank you for advertising this event. Will it be possible to send some promotional materials for SUMO to hand out to booth visitors? (http://support.mozilla.org/ and https://support.mozilla.org/get-involved in particular)


(Francisco) #3

Hi @vesper,

Yeah, we can try that… I need to confirm who will be the locals that will help, and maybe we can send something directly to them, what do you think?

And we can have some SUMO clinic maybe… I don’t know, random ideas :wink:


(Michał Dziewoński) #4

We have a month to go, so let’s do this right and by the numbers, absolutely :slight_smile:

(Dietrich Ayala) #5

We just purchased a Firefox OS tv for the Berlin office, to use at events in the region. It’s quite far, but perhaps if someone is going by train from Berlin they could bring it to show at the booth?

(Francisco) #6

Hi @dietrich,

I don’t know if we will have enough space at the booth for a TV screen. Aside the fact that we have to pay to a vendor to introduce this kind of products to the booth. And while I think it’s a great stuff to demo, I was thinking on something similar to OSCON US with the VR kit.


(Francisco) #7

And since there wasn’t any other person who offer as a volunteer, we will go with the people that we already have arranged through the mailing list of the community (NL).

In any case, we can continue discussing possible activities in this thread, right?