Package not enabled

(Wim Haanstra) #1

I put my example adapter in a folder in the ‘build/addons’ folder. I generated my checksum file and now I am trying to start the server running ‘npm start’.

The output I get while starting the server is:

Package not enabled: open-hardware-monitor-adapter
Failed to load add-on: open-hardware-monitor
Package not enabled: open-hardware-monitor-adapter

How can I enable my package? It’s not visible in the “Settings” > “Addons” screen.

(Michael Stegeman) #2

The add-on will not show up in Settings unless the package can be successfully loaded, i.e. checksums are correct and such.

(Wim Haanstra) #3

Well, the checksums are correct. I double checked them and there are no checksum errors on startup (the first time I forgot to update the checksums and it didn’t start).

(Michael Stegeman) #4

The Failed to load add-on message will also be shown if your add-on process failed to start, i.e. if an unhandled exception occurred.

(Dave Hylands) #5

I ran into something like this before. Make sure that the name in your adapter’s package.json file matches the name in the addons/list.json file.

I see open-hardware-monitor-adapter and open-hardware-monitor (i.e. missing the -adapter on the end) in your error messages.

There is a script in the addon-list repository which will do a bunch of checking to make sure that things between list.json and the various package.json files are in sync.

(Rzr) #6

I managed to make my adapter (generic sensors) I guess you can try to reuse my scripts.

I only built on RPi, maybe it would make sense to support other arch too, any recommendations ?

Just curious, what is your adapter about ?