ParSys Sprint 11 ("MacBook Pro") started

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Dear Open Innovation Group,
Dear Stakeholders,

we just started Sprint 11, also known as “Sprint MacBook Pro”.

Sprint Planning: 15 NOV 2016 (a day late)
Sprint Review: 21 NOV 2016 (back to normal schedule)

**ParSys-relevant Q4 Objectives **

  • Prototype the Future: Deliver prototypes of Open Innovation tools
  • Build Core Strength: Participation Systems: MozillaID is in production
    (Auth0/LDAP/Mozillians/org IAM platform) with overall project having a
    clear direction for 2017

Sprint Goals (summary)

  • IAM: Full steam ahead with the Persona Decommissioning, aka IAM Package B!!
    - Hit STAGING with and Discourse
    - Transition Moderator to Auth0 in PROD (!!)
    - Migrate Reps Portal on DEV to Auth0

Sprint Goals (details)

  • Strategic Activities
  • IAM (Identity and Access Management)
    • Participation properties use the Mozilla IT Auth0 account (8
      different credentials)
    • Django-oidc library: STAGING: Login to using
      verified email addresses
      (target: 18 NOV 2016) #80, #96, #207, #208, #210, #245
    • Discourse: STAGING: Auth0 is enabled on Discourse (for passwordless and LDAP) #92, #122, #244
      • FYI: Discourse prod migration probably WED next week #88, #247
    • Moderator: PROD: migration for infrastructure and application #228
    • Reps.m.o: DEV: Auth0 deployed #223
    • Public release the Django-oidc library on PyPI (python packaging
      index) #96
  • Infrastructure
    • Security first (Jenkins #251 and community sites #32 )
    • (did not make the cut) Community Analytics: Elasticsearch scale up
  • Service ParSys Properties
    • Discourse: Full regression test on STAGING
    • Test Automation: Debug Selenium errors #22
    • Discourse: implement NDA Mozillians discussion area #40, #234
    • badges.m.o: decommission site gracefully #77
    • campus.m.c: track outbound links #230
    • activate.m.c: leader board #20, #67
    • reps.m.o: review community-contributed Rep Of The Month (ROTM)
      pull request #215

Follow-up to last sprint

  • Strategic Activities
    • (ticket submitted) Gain Salesforce access for ParSys
  • IAM (Identity and Access Management)
    • (success) Capture requirements for Moderator PROD migration
    • (in progress, as expected) Django-oidc library: On staging: Login to using verified email addresses (target: 18 NOV 2016)
    • (not done) Discourse: Auth0 plugin: End-to-end validation on staging using password-less authentication
  • Infrastructure
    • (success) Discourse migration: validate content migration
    • (not done) Moderator production migration
    • (success) Fix kernel exploit: upgrade and reboot all Linux nodes
  • Service ParSys Properties
    • (success) Manual cross-browser, cross-device testing
    • (success) activate.m.c: UI refinements
    • (blocked) badges.m.o: decommission site gracefully
    • (success) campus.m.c: activities UI redesign, solution architecture for l10n

Questions? Feedback? Talk to me anytime!
Best regards,

Henrik Mitsch
Participation Strategist