ParSys Sprint 12 ("Mekamon") started

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Dear Open Innovation Group,

Dear Stakeholders,

we just started Sprint 12, also known as “Mekamon”.

Sprint Planning: 21 NOV 2016
Sprint Review: 28 NOV 2016

ParSys-relevant Q4 Objectives

  • Prototype the Future: Deliver prototypes of Open Innovation tools
  • Build Core Strength: Participation Systems: MozillaID is in production (Auth0/LDAP/Mozillians/org IAM platform) with overall project having a clear direction for 2017

Sprint Goals (summary)

  • IAM: Transition 75% of the ParSys properties away from Persona this week! *
    - Hit PRODUCTION with Moderator, and
    - Migrate Discourse infrastructure to ParSys AWS

Sprint Goals (details)

  • Strategic Activities
  • IAM (Identity and Access Management)
    • Django-oidc library: Library is clean and documented on PyPI #96, #207, #208, #285
    • Moderator: PROD: migration of infrastructure and application on MON after Townhall #228, #275
    • PROD: migrate on Wednesday #80
    • Reps.m.o: PROD: migrate on Thursday #223
    • Discourse: PROD: infrastructure migration on Thursday #88, #89, #92, #122, #244, #247
      • Discourse RRA #281
    • (best effort) Decommission not-to-be-migrated properties #47, #178
  • Infrastructure
    • Requirements engineering for ‘Community Analytics: Elasticsearch scale up’ #185
  • Service ParSys Properties
    • badges.m.o: decommission site gracefully #77
    • (blocked) Test automation: Debug Selenium errors #22
    • Discourse: implement NDA Mozillians discussion area #40, #234, and email all plugin #250
    • Campus: redesign homepage #246, #232
    • MozActivate: minor enhancements #67
    • reps.m.o: review community-contributed Rep Of The Month (ROTM) pull request #215

Follow-up to last sprint

  • Strategic Activities
    • (in progress) SCL3 data center service inventory
    • (in progress) Document integration
  • IAM (Identity and Access Management)
    • (success) Participation properties use the Mozilla IT Auth0 account (8 different credentials)
    • (success) Django-oidc library: STAGING: Login to using verified email addresses (target: 18 NOV 2016)
    • (in progress) Discourse: STAGING: Auth0 is enabled on Discourse (for passwordless and LDAP)
    • (not done) Moderator: PROD: migration for infrastructure and application
    • Reps.m.o: DEV: Auth0 deployed
    • (not done) Public release the Django-oidc library on PyPI (python packaging index) #96
    • (success) (unplanned) Security enhancements in moderator (A+ in Observatory)
  • Infrastructure
    • (success) Security first (Jenkins and community sites)
  • Service ParSys Properties
    • (success) Discourse: Full regression test on STAGING
    • (blocked) Test Automation: Debug Selenium errors
    • (in progress) Discourse: implement NDA Mozillians discussion area
    • (blocked) badges.m.o: decommission site gracefully
    • (success) campus.m.c: track outbound links
    • (success) activate.m.c: leader board
    • (not done) reps.m.o: review community-contributed Rep Of The Month (ROTM) pull request

Questions? Feedback? Talk to me anytime!
Best regards,

Henrik Mitsch
Participation Strategist

(Michael Kohler) #2

Since Discourse will be migrated over to the new infra, does this involve switching over to Auth0 as well? If not, when is that planned?

(Henrik Mitsch) #3

Switching Discourse to the new infra is a preparation step for the Persona-to-Auth0 migration (IAM Package B). Depending on how things go we will decommission Persona on Discourse either this week or at the latest on Monday. Fingers crossed!

(Spike) #4

Thank you Henrik for keeping us in the picture. Fascinating to see how much work is going on in the background!
Many thanks for taking time out from what is obviously a busy and stressful schedule to document progress and keep us updated.

(Henrik Mitsch) #5

Hi @Spike1, thanks for the recognition. Really cool!!

(Spike) #6

No problem at all - it is all too easy to forget all the work that goes to keep out technical infrastructure working. Most people only notice when it is broken :frowning:
Best regards