ParSys Sprint 14 ("Gift Guide") started

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

(The next such mail will most likely be sent on 03 JAN 2017)

Dear Open Innovation Team,
Dear Stakeholders,

we just started Sprint 14, also known as “Gift Guide”.

Sprint Planning: 19 DEC 2016
Sprint Review: 03 JAN 2017 (due to the holiday season)

ParSys-relevant Open Innocation / Participation Q4 Highlight Objectives

  • Prototype the Future: Deliver prototypes of Open Innovation tools
  • Build Core Strength: Participation Systems: MozillaID is in production (Auth0/LDAP/Mozillians/org IAM platform) with overall project having a clear direction for 2017

Participation Systems Q4 OKRs
Approaching the end of the quarter, here are our OKRs, including a self-evaluation from 19 DEC 2016 (this is the bold number in brackets).

Objective: Participation Systems are successfully delivering along Mozilla’s IAM initiative (7)

  • Key Result: Persona is replaced on all Participation Properties (“IAM Package B”) (10)
  • Key Result: Everything is in place to hit the ground running with the and LDAP integration (“IAM Package C”) in JAN 2017 (6)
  • Key Result: 5 community sites are migrated to the Participation Systems infrastructure (8)
  • Key Result: The Participation Infrastructure is fortified to comply with and surpass all security requirements (7)
  • Key Result: Participation Systems debt is bailed out so our major sites work effectively (7)
  • Key Result: Mozilla Community Analytics (Bitergia) is set-up and every community manager has access (6)
  • Key Result: We have a clear roadmap for the VMS (Volunteer Management System) work in 2017 (2)

Sprint Goals (summary)

  • Wrap up Persona decommissioning (continued)
  • Clean up technical debt in infrastructure, deployment and testing

Sprint Goals (details)

Follow-up to last sprint

  • Strategic Activities
    • (blocked) SCL3 data center service inventory
    • (success) Hawaii detailed planning
  • IAM (Identity and Access Management)
    • (success) Reps.m.o: PROD: migrate on Monday
    • (success) Django-oidc library: Post-release documentation
    • (success) Moderator: Ship UI refresh
    • (in progress) Multiple emails for profiles plus minor issues
    • (success) Discourse: Tidy up from last week’s migration
    • (in progress) Decommission not-to-be-migrated properties
  • Infrastructure
    • (success), Innovation Toolkit, Leadership Toolkit: Security hardening
    • (in progress) Community Analytics: Elasticsearch scale up
    • (success) community-contributed deploy sensu disk space check
  • Service ParSys Properties
    • (success) Discourse: implement NDA Mozillians discussion area
    • (in progress) badges.m.o: decommission site gracefully
    • (success) reps.m.o: deploy community-contributed Rep Of The Month (ROTM) pull request
    • (in progress) Test automation: Debug Selenium errors
    • (success) MozActivate: minor enhancements
    • (success) Campus: minor enhancements
    • (success) Leadership toolkit repo

Questions? Feedback? Talk to me anytime!
Best regards,

(Michael Kohler) #2

Is that a score out of 10?

(Henrik Mitsch) #3

Yes, it is a scale of 0 to 10.

Thanks for catching this!