ParSys Sprint 15 ("Fiat Chrysler") - Forecast and Impact Evaluation

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Sprint 15 - Anatomy

  • Sprint 15, known as “Fiat Chrysler”, ran from 03 JAN to 09 JAN 2017

Sprint 15 - Forecast, including Impact Evaluation

  • (success) Ensure 2017 is off to a successful start
    • Unclutter ParSys delivery pipe (reduce backlog size, finish work in progress)
    • People, Work Week, OKRs
  • (success) Moderator is in continuous deployment mode


Highlights and Release Notes

Highlight: Use multiple emails for profiles
Highlight: First iteration of an ELK stack on ParSys infrastructure in PROD

Contributor-submitted Pull Requests

  • (@mkohler) Reps: A warning message in the ‘join reps’ dialog informing people about possible delays in processing their application to join reps
  • (MikkCZ/@mstanke) Mozillians: Do not submit an empty query when searching for a user

Feedback and Questions