ParSys Sprint 16 - Impact Evaluation

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Sprint 16 - Forecast

Sprint 16 - Impact Evaluation

  • (in progress) Groundwork for ParSys properties on ParSys infrastructure
  • (in progress) NDA Renewal
  • (in progress) on ParSys infra: Search Improvement Spike
  • (in progress) Preparing the Discourse Story for 2017
  • (in progress) Prepare Work Week

Highlights and Release Notes

  • It might seem we got nothing done, but we have moved a lot of important themes forward. Let’s just call this our “in progress” sprint.
  • The Reps Council is now processing its mail alias in Discourse.

“This means we will have an archive for future council members, which is great” (A Council member)

  • Test automation is reaching the next level.
  • Our ELK stack keeps us excited.

Contributor-submitted Pull Requests

None, but we fixed a number of community-reported issues. Keep them coming, please!


Feedback and Questions

(Michael Kohler) #2

Just as a quick addition, this is a private inbox. All your emails to our alias ( will still be private and not directly posted into a Discourse category everyone would see :wink: