ParSys Sprint 17 - Impact Evaluation

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Sprint 17 - Forecast

Sprint 17 - Impact Evaluation

  • (in progress) Set individual OKRs for this quarter
  • (done) search improvement spike: index public users through Django Haystack
  • (in progress) NDA Renewal process improvements
  • (in progress) Reps infrastructure migration: Have a non-production version of Reps running on ParSys infra
  • (in progress) Work Week preparation
  • (in progress) Discourse Story 2017: Email-in improvements moving towards mailing list parity
  • (done) Enhance ELK logging & monitoring in ParSys infrastructure
  • (done) Decommissioned two Persona sites: and

Highlights and Release Notes

  • Yet another “in progress” sprint. :sweat: NDA Renewal is progressing slowly and steadily, we see the first landing base for the Reps infrastructure migration, Discourse email goodness is being tested and our upcoming Work Week is taking shape
  • We now have login/logout Selenium test automation
  • search improvements took a clearer shape following the successful spike
  • We added grafana to our monitoring stack
  • The new branding landed in Discourse. Welcome moz://a!
  • And finally we got sign off on the ParSys Q1 OKRs

Community contributed Pull Requests

OKR Confidence Levels

Prefixed in brackets, we list the current achievement confidence on a scale of 1 to 10.

Objective: We have shipped first iterations of the participation systems/software that are important pieces of our long-term roadmap

  • (2) KR1: LDAP integration (IAM Package C) is on track to become “the LDAP frontend” during Q2 as demonstrated by a bare-bones org chart visualization
  • (2) KR2: Ship (to PROD) first iteration of Community Support Software [shared with MoFo]
  • (2) KR3: Current ParSys priorities rearticulated with underlying business requirements and accepted as an input to the multi-year strategy process


Feedback and Questions