ParSys Sprint 18 - Impact Evaluation

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Sprint 18 - Forecast

Sprint 18 - Impact Evaluation

  • (not achieved) Clean board, clean mind for the Work Week following this sprint
  • (on hold) Set individual OKRs for this quarter
  • (in progress) Work Week preparation, incl. IAM/CoSS vision
  • (in progress) NDA Renewal process improvements
  • (untouched) search improvement: Feature parity for public profile search
  • (done) Reps infrastructure migration: Have a non-production version of Reps running on ParSys infra.
  • (in progress) Discourse Story 2017: Email-in improvements moving towards mailing list parity and conceptualize next steps with Discourse.

Highlights and Release Notes

  • The Reps portal was run on ParSys infrastructure for the first time!!
  • Result of our work on the NDA Renewal process is being tested intensively.
  • Infrastructure visualization on Grafana is now working.

Community contributed Pull Requests

  • None

OKR Confidence Levels

Prefixed in brackets, we list the current achievement confidence on a scale of 1 to 10.

Objective: We have shipped first iterations of the participation systems/software that are important pieces of our long-term roadmap

  • (2) KR1: LDAP integration (IAM Package C) is on track to become “the LDAP frontend” during Q2 as demonstrated by a bare-bones org chart visualization
  • (2) KR2: Ship (to PROD) first iteration of Community Support Software [shared with MoFo]
  • (2) KR3: Current ParSys priorities rearticulated with underlying business requirements and accepted as an input to the multi-year strategy process


Feedback and Questions