ParSys Sprint 18 ("Thanks Obama") - Forecast

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Dear Stakeholders, welcome to Sprint 18!

Sprint 18 - Anatomy

  • Sprint 18, known as “Thanks Obama”, runs from 20 JAN to 27 JAN 2017

Sprint 18 - Goals

  • Clean board, clean mind for the Work Week following this sprint
  • Set individual OKRs for this quarter
  • Work Week preparation, incl. IAM/CoSS vision
  • NDA Renewal process improvements
  • search improvement: Feature parity for public profile search
  • Reps infrastructure migration: Have a non-production version of Reps running on ParSys infra
  • Discourse Story 2017: Email-in improvements moving towards mailing list parity and conceptualize next steps with Discourse

Sprint 18 - Details and Forecast

North Star: ParSys Q1 Objectives

Feedback and Questions