ParSys Sprint 8 ("DDoS") started

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

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From: Henrik Mitsch
Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 2:17 PM
Subject: ParSys Sprint 8 (“DDoS”) started

Dear Open Innovation Group,
Dear Stakeholders,

we just started Sprint 8, also known as “Sprint DDoS”.

Sprint Planning: 24 OCT 2016
Sprint Review: 31 OCT 2016

Sprint Goals:

  • Strategic Comms
    • IAM Public Communication is released
    • Gain Salesforce access for ParSys, conclude campus program 2017 solution architecture
  • IAM (Identity and Access Management)
    * Django-oidc library (fka auth0 library): working prototype in Moderator on Staging
    * Moderator content decision
    * Moderator infrastructure migration
  • Infrastructure
    * Fix kernel exploit: upgrade and reboot all Linux nodes
    * automate theme deployment workflow
    * Discourse migration: Staging server set up
    * Fix one of the remaining XSS issues
    * CloudWatch alerting
  • Service ParSys Properties
    * activate.m.c: align with Mozilla Clubs categories, add call to action, l10n solution
    * tbd-leadership.m.c: solution architecture
    * badges.m.o: decommission site gracefully
    * campus.m.c: activities UI redesign

Follow-up to last sprint:

  • (success) release
    * Refactored and fixed the email newsletter infrastructure (Salesforce basket integration)
    * Details:
  • (success) reps.m.o release
    * Fixed voting permissions
    * Many minor changes, including CORS and CSP
    * Details:
  • Strategic Comms
    * (partially done) Publish participation strategic papers (hosting, infrastructure, IAM)
    * (deprioritized) Define web application standards
  • IAM (Identity and Access Management)
    * (success) Django-auth0 library: getting closer to the MVP
    * (success) IAM Packages alignment with Mozilla IT team
  • Infrastructure
    * (partially done) Discourse migration: staging server set up
    * (partially done) Fix XSS issues
  • Service ParSys Properties
    * (blocked) badges.m.o: decommission site gracefully
    * (blocked) campus.m.c: 2017 solution architecture, activities UI redesign
    * (deprioritized) analytics.m.c: Resource allocation, identify community managers
  • Unplanned
    * (success) Defined deployment workflow

Questions? Feedback? Talk to me anytime!
Best regards,