ParSys Sprint - IAM/CoSS Sprint 14 Review

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Dear Stakeholders,

here we go with our regular update.


  • CoSS has a shorter staging URL and there is lots of great draft content on it. For example, see the About Page on Open Source Clubs.
  • The CoSS Content Utility now supports multi-site hosting as demonstrated by this prototype site.
    Important: This entire thing (content & domain) is a work in progress. We value transparency and want you to be able to follow our progress.
  • User-specific security alerts are coming to the SSO Dashboard.
  • We continue to work hard on getting the IAM Q2 OKR into production (i.e. managing Discourse category visibility based on groups by leveraging the IAM’s stack).

Community contributed Pull Requests

  • Looks like no volunteer contributed PR made it to production this sprint.

Release Notes

IAM/CoSS Sprint Review


OKR Confidence Levels

This is our Q3 OKR confidence scoring. It is prefixed in brackets, the scale is 1 to 10.

O1: Share a G Suite document for collaboration with a group as defined by (e.g. the staff & volunteer body Mozilla Reps Council)

  • (1) KR1: Staff profiles are automatically available to
  • (1) KR2: G Suite has visibility of groups
  • (4) KR3: A user login in from a new location triggers an alert in the SSO Dashboard (security enhancement)

O2: CoSS has Utilities that enable content manipulation by admins, users to contact the program, and program-specific discussion groups

  • (2) KR1: CMS that has a well designed UX, is secure, and easy to add/edit content without any coding.
  • (3) KR2: Roles and permissions are determined from integration with Mozilla’s group management allowing for seamless staff/volunteer management.
  • (3) KR3: Discourse’s ability to scale for program-specific discussion groups is proven

O3: Link the contribution of ParSys’ activities and vision to the OI strategic plan

  • (1) KR1: The ParSys infrastructure roadmap is aligned with the Open Innovation Strategy
  • (2) KR2: All community WordPress sites are decommissioned from ParSys AWS
  • (2) KR3: Bitergia’s data, tool and knowledge assets from the Q2 Strategy Project are integrated in our Community Analytics platform