ParSys Sprint - IAM/CoSS Sprint 4 Review and Sprint 5 Planning

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Dear Stakeholders,

here we go with our regular update …


  • CoSS CMS integration with Basket (the gate to Mozilla CRM) started.
  • Moderator enhances to allow for NDA events.
  • Change Integration Service is taking shape.

Community contributed Pull Requests

  • None this time. Currently a few things in review.

Release Notes

IAM/CoSS Sprint 4 Review Meeting

IAM/CoSS Sprint 5

Sprint Goal IAM

Sprint Goal CoSS

OKR Confidence Levels

New quarter, new OKRs! This is our current OKR confidence. It is prefixed in brackets, the scale is 1 to 10.

Objective: Ship software in partnership with IT, Marketing and MoFo that delivers prioritized functionality to Mozilla’s participation systems stack

  1. (1) Auth0 identity platform is expanded to 2 systems shared among staff and volunteers
  2. (1) Ship first iteration of CMS, CRM integration and Events management to Mozilla Clubs, Campus Clubs and Developer Community Pilot
  3. (1) 100% of existing ParSys wp-admin hosted community sites migrated to WPEngine