ParSys Sprint - IAM/CoSS Sprint 8 Review

(Henrik Mitsch) #1

Dear Stakeholders,

here we go with our regular update … sorry for being almost a week late this time. Will try harder with Sprint 9. :smile:


  • Clickable CoSS prototype that illustrates two key user flows: Becoming a club captain, joining a club
  • IAM CIS (Change Integration Service) work on track for the All Hands use case (As a Mozilla Rep, I can access a specific Discourse category)
  • search refactoring on track to land during the next sprint

Community contributed Pull Requests

  • No pull requests this time

Release Notes

We had an incident on the Reps portal when the Reps Council elections started. Aiming for openness and transparency, we published the post mortem here:

IAM/CoSS Sprint Review

OKR Confidence Levels

This is our current Q2 OKR confidence. It is prefixed in brackets, the scale is 1 to 10.

Objective: Ship software in partnership with IT, Marketing and MoFo that delivers prioritized functionality to Mozilla’s participation systems stack

  1. (1) Auth0 identity platform is expanded to 2 systems shared among staff and volunteers
  2. (4) Ship first iteration of CMS, CRM integration and Events management to Mozilla Clubs, Campus Clubs and Developer Community Pilot
  3. (3) 100% of existing ParSys wp-admin hosted community sites migrated to WPEngine

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #2

So finally we will have a real search system that use the terms that we say and not similar one?

(Henrik Mitsch) #3

@akatsoulas might you want to publish a “What’s new and updated in Mozillians Search” article during this sprint?

(Tasos Katsoulas) #4

Since a lot of fine tuning is in progress, I will publish something as soon as we are done adding new functionality. Stay tuned!