People selling tablets

(Yousef Alam) #1

@biraj has found an ad on a craigslist syle website (which was promptly removed after the discussion on IRC) of someone selling the tablet for 27,000INR ($450). The information on the ad relates to one person who recived a tablet.

I know we can’t really do anything about people selling their tablets but we should ensure these people don’t continually take advantage of programs like this. I think we should be logging the information of these people and automatically decline applications for future programs. A wall of shame would be good too :smile:.

(pinging @asa because not sure what he wants to do about this)

(Biraj Karmakar) #2

Hey all,

That’s sad to hear.Today in one public channel , i got the link. Also, they were like really joking. Also, they told that the olx link actually makes them not believe in the application judging part also. it is really very bad.

(Luigi Tedone) #3

What a shame. In my opinion, for the future these programs should be open only to vouched mozillians in order to mantain a better control.

(Pavithran) #4

Frankly I expected this to happen considering the huge diverse no of people. :frowning:
Its sad and such people shouldn’t be allowed to participate in any future programs.

Next time maybe few contributions to the community should be considered as prerequiste for acceptance to the program. Some one who demoralises the community shouldn’t be allowed at all :x:

(Asa Dotzler) #5

Hey y’all.

This is unfortunate but it’s probably to be expected. With the InFocus tablets, I intentionally tried to reach out to people who were not existing community members, to grow the community some. That may have been a mistake but I’m not ready to conclude that yet. I made sure that the bulk of the tablets did go to known Mozillians.

If someone abuses the program, we can make sure they don’t get invited to the next one. I think that’s about the best we can do here.

Here’s a way to think about this. We sent out 500 tablets. About 100 of those went to brand new people. We’ve seen three tablets show up for sale like this. I feel pretty good about the 97 other brand new to Mozilla people who have a chance to participate and become Mozillians dispite the three who abused our trust.

I know it sucks when so many known community members didn’t get a tablet and we have a few bad apples abusing the program. Let’s try to stay positive though and think about the good people who haven’t done something bad and who now have one hurdle crossed in contributing to Firefox OS.

Again, I agree this isn’t great, but so far it feels like it’s not terrible either.

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(Michael Kohler) #6

Just thinking out loud, is there a mechanism to track contributions by TCP people?

(Steve Lee) #7

Well I’d like to say bugzilla but that is really only a sub set of technical contributions. Much awesomeness happens that’s not tracked there

(Ratul Minhaz) #8

I agree, not everyone is familiar with or related to QA.

(Nitro) #9

Its a shame people take advantage of programs like this.

Tooooooo sad

(Gabriele Vidali) #10

That’s a shame for sure.
However, as a way to compare responsiveness of b2g with android, I would let people download the android rom for our flatfish: that would also lead people keep the tablet and use it with android, so that maybe in the future they’ll start testing b2g again

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #11

We could reach out to each participant individually to see what they’ve been up to with their tablet and if they haven’t been doing anything, we could ask them to help with some?

(Daniel Desira) #12

Don’t know what to say about this, but taking legal precautions could have gone a long way and no, keep this open for vouched Mozillians only in the future.

And if you ask me, we would do better if we implement a logger/tracking app that sends info back while notifying contributors next time. I think it is a neccessary evil.