Pi Reel Mozsprint project logo

Looking for help on the Pi Reel logo for Mozsprint. You can find the mozsprint issue here, and the github repo, here.

Any help on the slogan or fonts would be great. Please post on this thread to contribute thanks.


I could help @kip can you also post an issue in our repo referencing this?

Thanks @helios,

Pi Reel’s new Repo is here, I’m in the process of transferring and updating for mozsprint still.

The logo and other issues will be here, this is the main website repository.

The animator application is at https://github.com/PiReel/PiReel-Core
The Pi Reel Contribute page is at https://github.com/PiReel/PiReel-Contributing

Thanks for reaching out



Heres the logo that I’m working with:

Any thoughts, also if you want instead of working on this could you help with, the icon for the app?
Here is the issue for the icon: https://github.com/PiReel/PiReel-Website/issues/10

Thanks and Regards, Kip

Thanks @kip but can you open a logo specific issue on our Open Design Repo please?


Sorry, will do @helios.