Plan for restructuring and archiving current FxOS MDN content

Hi all,

A little while ago, I promised to write a proper plan for exactly what to do with the current Firefox OS documentation. You can find the plan here.

Let me know what you think of this so far.


I’d like to highlight a point on naming. There is no “re-brand” taking place here and B2G OS is not a “separate project” to Firefox OS.

Firefox OS is a product name for the B2G (Boot to Gecko) open source project, the project has been called B2G since before the Firefox OS brand was created and this continues to be the case.

Development on the B2G project is ongoing and the Firefox OS brand is also still in use for Smart TVs. They are two names for the same software depending on how it is used (just like the Firefox brand for the Mozilla browser project). Firefox OS is a registered trademark of the Mozilla Corporation which is in active use for Smart TVs and may be used for other connected devices products in future, but anyone can use the B2G software under the B2G name for any purpose they wish.

If documentation is out of date (e.g. because an API has been deprecated) then it needs updating, but this applies to both the B2G project and any Firefox OS products which may be built with it.

It does make sense to use the project name on MDN for documentation, particularly in cases where the software being documented is not in use in any commercial Firefox OS product (e.g. smartphone pieces going forward), but this is not a re-brand.

There is a transition to a new architecture for B2G and an effort to find new owners for smartphone-specific modules in the community (consistent with Mozilla’s module ownership system), but it is not a fork or a separate project, it’s a temporary branch which will soon be merged back into the master branch of the project.


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Thanks for clarifying this Ben; this is down to a poor choice of words on my part, and we’ll do our best to avoid any more confusion that might be down to this (I’ve already removed the term from the planning doc I linked to.)

We are absolutely aiming for the updated docs to refer to B2G OS, but also apply to anything that might be built with it, such as Firefox OS for TV, etc.

@chrisdavidmills there are lot of subtopics which still link to dead content. Since, it takes a long time to clean them i suggest better we move whole section to archive & then we start from scratch & bring back some documents which are useful in future.

Just a quick link here to note this for later:
B2G Installer installation guide seem to be not clear enough.

edit: some changes done, should be a bit clearer now.