Play media from internal storage?

(Robin Jacobs) #1

I just received my tablet and wanted to try out the music and video players. But as it turns out they immediately tell me to insert a memory card and don’t even look for media on the internal storage.

Is this an option somewhere, or is this a bug? Or perhaps the music/video player apps just expect a certain folder structure?

(Josh Smith) #2

Try changing Settings > Storage > Media storage > Default media location to Internal.

(Robin Jacobs) #4

It is set to Internal. However, I just realised it came with a firmware version from january, which might explain it.

(Robin Jacobs) #5

I just updated my firmware and I still can’t play video’s from the internal storage :smile:

(A.Ben) #6

yep the video player bugs … but you music is fine

(Robin Jacobs) #7

That is true. Music does work fine :slight_smile: