Play mp3 sound from gateway

I want to be able to play a sound through the gateway speakers for an alarm/notification. I cant find any examples or documentation showing how to set this up.
How can I do this?

Not sure there is native support for sound?

1 solution might be to use the “Run Program” addon to fire a native script that can play sounds. You would need to write the program, but that should not be toooo difficult. If your running WT in docker that might complicate it a tad.

I just tested it again as a reminder and was able to create a new program and device then execute it manually. Stdout was in the log file as expected…


Ive setup the addon (run program) with my rule to play the sound (tested working with seashells):
mpg321 /home/pi/audio/alarm_01.mp3

How do I trigger the rule when the user activates a button press? I assume there should be a place to do it on the rules tab, but there is no option to run the command.

Found i needed to add it to the things with the + button! all good :slight_smile: