Possible spam website

I hope you can help. I am at my wit’s end with this website that keeps popping up on my phone via Firefox. I never searched for this site, but it doesn’t go away.I have cleared my data and cache reinstall Firefox but it pops up whenever it wants. It is a Russian game news site. Here are 2 copies of the many links. Please help me I love Firefox I have used since the beginning.


Tony https://game-news.top/en/uncategorized/e3-2019-halo-infinite-is-a-spiritual-reboot-set-after-halo-5/#ad


For general support you’ll want to ask at https://support.mozilla.org/ normally. It is rather unlikely that these popups or notifications would come from an extension, but if they do that should be easy to isolate.

I assume that you allowed the site to send you notifications or similar so now it’s doing just that. I do not know how to change that on Android and thus would recommend to post a query on the support portal.

No I didn’t allow anything like I said never searched for the site. I have already placed a question in that area but got no response yet

I have had a similar problem with this same website, and I don’t think it’s specific to Firefox. It’s been happening on my Android phone, and first the website started popping up on Chrome, and then it started popping up on Firefox.

I have scanned my phone using multiple adware blockers and virus scan programs. None give me any solutions. Before this problem started happening, I had never even heard of this website.

Sadly, I have no solution for you, as I haven’t had a solution yet myself, but at least hopefully you can rule out some possible problems.

Yeah I figured it out that wasn’t my Firefox it’s my primary browser. So I use Firefox focus as the primary now and I can just erase them right away without even looking at them. There is a guy who is looking into via my private messages. So if I get a fix for this problem I will definitely be sharing. Thanks for your response.

I got the same problem for some days now: Sporadically the browser opens a game-news.top website without any action of me.

To find out the origin of this behavior I coded a small oneliner app that can react to URL intents and instead of loading the website just shows you the URL and (more importantly) the origin if available.
These screenshots show what’s happening:

Works really well on the emulator. YouTube sent this intent, so intent origin is the package name of YouTube.

This way it should be possible to identify the origin of the mysterious game-news.top URL intents.

Unfortunately on my infected Huawei device this app is useless because Huawei reroutes every URL intent. So the intent origin is always com.huawei… no matter whrere it originally came from.

So if you don’t have a Huawei device it would be great to get your results with this app.
The app does not need a single permission and is not proguarded in case you want to decompile it and inspect the source.
Maybe together we can find the shady app and eliminate our infections.
Please let us all know about your results:


How To:
If Firefox / Chrome / … is your system’s default browser, disable this setting temporarily.
Next time an URL intent is fired, the system asks you how to open it. Select IntentOrigin once to see the data (URL) and hopefully the origin of the intent.
The origin is displayed as package name of the sending application or “null” if not available.
Works on Android 5.1 and later.
Does not work on Huawei phones.

I used your app. It pointed me to an app I have called Bluetooth Toggle or BT Toggle. Do you have that app too? I deleted it. Watching to see if it makes for any changes. Will let you know if I continue to have problems.

I feel pretty confident that Bluetooth Toggle is the culprit. Please confirm if you guys have this app on your phone too.

After an hour without any pop-up ads or website redirects, I ran a search and found that a lot of others are talking about this app causing similar problems:

Apparently, Bluetooth Toggle was a fairly benign app with good reviews until 6/28/19, when they sent an update that changed the app to have it start causing full-screen ads to pop up even when not using the app, as well as website redirects to various pages.

Honestly, it’s jarring that Google would allow malware this intrusive onto their store, since the ads that come from this thing happen even when it’s not in use, and give no indication that this is the app that caused them. And comparatively, the app that helped me to figure this out (thank you again!) was designed by some random person online and that Android tried to warn me about when I installed it. Definitely lost a lot of faith in Google today.

Thank you again everyone for all your help. This problem has been a huge pain for me and it’s a wonderful relief to not have to deal with it anymore.

I downloaded your app and it found the apkextracterlite app that I used in the past. I uninstalled that app. So far it seems to have worked!! I am keeping your app on my phone and will be adding to all my Android devices. My phone is a Kyocera duraforce pro. I hope you figure out why your phone doesn’t find it. Thanks again for erasing this blight from me lol. Volkstony72