postmarketOS Support for Flame

postmarketOS is a new open-source project with a long-term vision to build native Linux support for mobile devices that is not dependent on the Android/AOSP stack.

Since I have a Mozilla Flame device that is not being used, and that this is a very interesting project, I’ve been working on porting pmOS to work on the Flame. This continues initial work done by @kskarthik, which currently has a bricked device.

So far postmarketOS support for the Flame includes:

  • Building a bootable boot image + fastboot flash
  • Compiling a working kernel for the device
  • Building a root filesystem + installing to SD card

So it’s now possible to boot pmOS, flash it on the device, and actually SSH into a Linux session that works reasonably well.

Upcoming development tasks include:

  • Getting the screen to work (we’re 90% there, possibly stuck on a very small bug)
  • Implementing Wifi support (lots of moving parts here, but nothing unknown, just requires some work)
  • Adding support for other peripherals (audio, NFC, GPS, etc.)

Since the Flame has most of these components open-sourced I have a good feeling this can be a well-supported device on pmOS. I’m doing most of the work by myself, and I would love to get some more help from anyone who has worked a bit on the device and can possibly boost the efforts.

I’ll keep updating this thread as development continues, and please reach out if you are interested in joining in on the fun.