PR working group

PR working group

Let’s state the obvious: pubblic relations and communication are fundamental for a project to succeed in attracting users. It may be a good idea to create a Public Relation group which manages the project’s official communications, as to avoid unclear, contraddictory or inopportune communications.

(Of course this won’t prevent other people making unclear, contraddictory or inopportune communications, but at least it will be clear that they are not the official voice of the community.)

I guess the first thing to do is to gather voluntaries. Also, if some Mozilla persons with some experience in PR are reading this, then please any help is most welcome!


Thanks for the initiative.
I recommend keeping an eye on the communication channels list for a start.

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Big +1 :+1:

Yeah, it’s always possible to refer to the official communication.

I agree, a communication group is important. And more than doing the official communication, it can also be a good idea to manage internal communication, to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of what’s going on.
This will also help when people talk in a “non-official” (= contributor) way about the project - to ensure they spread the right news (and not a mistake).

I have no important/professional experience here, but I volunteer to help spreading the word :slightly_smiling:

Hi B2G folks !

I just wanted to ask you to add on the communication channel list some information about websites talking about our project, but from an external point of view (= it’s not a member of the community, but someone else following what’s going on).

Now that the Call is spreading (in various languages) questions are being made from the “press” to various community members. I think that

  • We should clearly say which infos are official, and that by exclusion any other info is unofficial and as thus unreliable. We have only the Call and the wiki as official source at the moment, haven’t we?
  • We need the official communication channel we spoke of (we settled for an e-mail account, didn’t we?) and we need it quickly!

I volunteer to manage the e-mail account if no one wants to, it is not a big issue for me to check and answer e-mail.

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does there exist any flyer creations to print?
or does the communication group have a repo with images or fonts to create one?

No there is nothing like that, as far as I know. Consider at this stage we are not trying to advertise B2G OS to the general public, because it’s not nearly in a production state. Up to now we mostly tried to contact potential devs and contributors.

There is no repo. There are a couple of images being used often: the two geckos on a boot one and the gecko around the earth one, but I’m not even sure we actually have the rights to use thod images officially. It’s a bit easier with fonts though: the B2G project always used the Fira font, commissioned by Mozilla specifically for B2G (and it’s open, of course):!layout=specimen and

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The French MozFR team did a Flyer for an Ubuntu party a few months ago:
(I’m trying to find the source file)
So obviously it’s in French, and in general it does not contain fancy graphics - basically it’s the Call for contribution, adapted to a flyer format.

As @enrico_ghiorzi said, it’s a lot too song to advertise the general public about B2G OS. However, if you go to meeting of free software users and/or web developers, it can be interesting to talk a bit about it.

well im currently doing some further education towards IT and Softwaredevelopment where we have a whiteboard.I thaught of hanging up a flyer, maybe somebody shows interests…

I am handling the twitter @boot2gecko account. I could help with communications there :slight_smile:


I hadn’t seen the flyer before, I must have missed it. That’s actually good, I like it. It’s simple, clear, kind of “professional”… I think it delivers the correct idea about B2G.

The only improvement I may suggest is to typeset it in LaTeX for better typographic outcome. What about that?

Afterthought: what about the Mozilla logo, can we use it?

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We can’t. we can use our gecko with globe instead

And here it is! It’s just a draft, but what do you think of it?

Here you can find a Flyer made with canva (thanks @enrico_ghiorzi and @kskarthik , for your preciuos help!). If you have any suggestion, please feel free to share!

High res image -
Pdf version -

Edit: removed urls shortened with google, in favour of Bitly shortened ones.


That Link doesn’t work on my side. Althroug i saw it on Telegram and it looks great!

Link changed, thank you for reporting it @Novski :slight_smile:

Any update here? Are they our current “final” versions? :slight_smile:

Hi @krz37, do you a Flyer for when? I made a bunch of mods on the old one, trying to follow @lapineige suggestions. I don’t know if it’s better or not, but here it is:

This is still a work in progress, imho … !

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I received no negative feedback, so I guess the Call for Contribution leaflet is mostly alright… It’s very simple and the content was already reviewed multiple times by the community, so it should be quite safe to use.

Sorry, it looks like I missed that ping :confused:

Bitly is not really better… You can use or (shorter, but same FOSS behind) for instance.

The one from MozFR’s team ?
This one is pretty good I think. Simple, efficient, with useful content.


I agree. Compared to the previous version it’s better, but I think there’s still some major design / content issue.
(Sorry, I don’t have time to make a complete review - I’ll just list a few issues)

  • The font is hard to read, it looks blurry. For the “Shape your next smartphone OS” it’s great, linking the idea of shape with the text (a bigger/white “Your next” can be cool too). For the rest, take a more classic / readable one - or 2, but not more as it will breaks coherence

  • Speaking about coherence, actually it looks like a set of different graphical elements / content assembled without any common theme.
    A few ideas to create more coherence: make the b2g os text white ; add the B2G logo is the phone symbol (like in the screen) - the frame could be more “squary” too; add the 3 sentences (on the left) next / under the “open source community project” sentence (it will link them as project’s ideas) ; add “Made” before “by the community […]”.
    Generally speaking about the shape, the “squary” division is not really visible. Increase the main green size (to add the sentences at the bottom), move the 2 frames from this place to the left (+ the “Our Values” frame) and use all the bottom for the Participate frame.

  • For the colors I’d use only blue for background/white for square background - and keep some pieces of green for special parts (the icons, shadows, and maybe participate square)

  • The “Try it Port it” would be better as “Try it Adopt it” IMHO. Also the non-square frame breaks the coherence.

  • In the series of links, put Discourse and MDN (+wiki (FAQ ?)) as first links (bigger ?) - as people involved will come here - and twitter/telegram/irc after them (tinier ?) - as it’s more for information and less for contribution.