PR working group

I will start advertising to devs where I live from the beginning of October


So we have some more time to work on the flyer … :smile:

I’m updating it, trying to follow Lapineige’s tips:

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Some toughs:

  • Too much green :smile:. The green background should be changed IMHO, it would be more clear with white for instance (or blue, and white for the global background ?).
  • Put “The web is the platform” in second position - seems more logical to me, regarding the text above.
  • The text often need more margin with the rectangular/square region - it’s not comfortable/easy to read.
  • The logo is still placed in a strange place ^^
  • The “Try it Adopt it” text could be more integrated in this square, for instance by making the hexagon more rectangular (or replace it by the square, maybe with just the hexagon contour ?)
  • What if you add a small (and subtle) shadow under the different white icons, to give them more relief - and power ?
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I won’t cry. Promise … but as I probably said before I’m usinga Canva, a simple and easy to use online tool, and I’m not able to do everything I would :disappointed_relieved:

I didn’t know. Don’t worry :wink: it’s ok. And I suppose you’ll find another tool that can help you.
I could do it but I really don’t have time :confused:

Don’t worry, Lapi take your time, i really appreciate your help. I’m going to find a way to make things better :smiley: In your opinion, should I use Scribus+Gimp?

For a Flyer a SVG format is better, so I’d go to Scribus or Inkscape.
But it all depends of your knowledge of those tools (and if you’re familiar with them). Gimp for instance can be a bit long to tame :slight_smile:
Maybe other programs can do what you need with less complexity (like pinta does for krita).