Practicse week as Coach and Coachee

(Dorothee Danedjo Fouba) #1

Happy New Year to all.

It’s a pleasure for me to share with you the resume of the Coaching Practise Week as Reps Coach and Trainee.

For this assignment @shahbaz17 and I, played one role at Time as Coach or Coachee for trying to address 4 situations.

Here are our reactions as Coach for every case:

CASE 1: The coachee is a part of a small but growing community and would like to know how they can increase their numbers, enable these volunteers to make impact and make their community visible in the local tech scene.

Shahbaz is the coach:
You need to:

  • Make core contributors more active than before

  • Looking for Meetups in the local Tech Scene ought to share your experience and be more visible

  • Search for colleges and schools for organizing a visit of the community for sharing mozilla vision

  • Activate social media accounts and blogs for sharing your activities

Dorothee is the coach:

  • All members of your small community need to merge ideas ought to :

  • Organize special Outdoor events in order to share what the community is doing and what are the difference program, then people could join the team

  • Attend public events by applying for communications and presentation. This will be the great occasion to set a flyer ought to share the Mozilla vision at the local Tech scene level

  • Organise special school campaigns by targeting numbers of volunteers it’s possible to reach and help them to join the community

  • Set up and animate a Digital Communications Campaign through Social media especially when events are organized: this will totally increase the credibility, visibility and create Impact of the community.

CASE 2:The coachee is an existing member of a community who do activities as the opportunity comes (i.e new campaign, invitation from schools) making the community stalled sometimes. The mentee wants to learn how he can step up to drive his community to a better direction.

Shahbaz is the coach:

  • Be more involved in your community

  • You can’t do all things alone for example, when you set-up Schools campaign, sometimes you can’t be in all places at the same time, then you need the others

  • Find community leaders, share roles and plans with them and make sure their strict with you

Dorothee is the coach:
If you want to succeed, you need to:

  • Pay attention to all members, Reps and Core contributors

  • Stop doing things by yourself and alone

  • Listen to others (all members, Reps and Core contributors) and contribute to the common plan of the community

  • Be fair play with all members and accountant to the Reps, Core Contributors and Leaders by doing reports after any campaign and project management: This will help you to evaluate yourself and let your leader to evaluate you.

CASE 3: The coachee is an active functional area contributor who has contributed to a couple of projects but this is the first time he’ll be involved in a community. He wants to learn how he can reach out to people inside and outside the community to grow and make quality contributors.

Shahbaz is the coach:
You have to:

  • Look for active people involved in that community
  • Try to have meeting with them
  • Learn how to talk with active contributors
  • Go to community events

Dorothee is the coach:
The coachee need to:

  • Observe the community and how it’s working
  • Learn more about community projects
  • Then apply for community workshops and events
  • Share plans with members of the community

CASE 4: Being a new rep, the coachee wants to be more involved in being a leader in his community. His community had a lot of achievements before, but it all stalled as community members slowly became inactive due to organizational changes, community conflicts and shifting priorities. He wants to learn how he can move forward as it feels like a big task to him that he isn’t even sure if he can do something about.

Shahbaz is the coach:

  • Try to be with the other leaders
  • Try to know the problem ought to face them well

Dorothee is the coach:

  • Look for other Reps and talk with them
  • Identify former action plans applied before in the community
  • Look for reasons of the conflicts and problem, check the changed priorities
  • Talk with each others Reps before setting and applying a new plan

Feedback: As coach, Shahbaz look experienced

Observation: He is calm and patient: an argument for training well a coachee.

Learnings: I increased my capacity to listen. Discussing with Shahbaz help me to understand some situations faced by some coachee in my country. I realized that my suggestions were not to far from his proposals. I will also apply suggestions from him by solving these problems in my community .